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Simplified Legal Things and loving each second of it.

We are building our brand a technology driven legal tech platform. Our vision is to create a platform for the Indian startups, small business & entrepreneurs where we simplified the legal taks by building creative resources | legal consultany | reduce the cost | automation | organised the legal domain in India.
” We Made Legal Services at Your FingerTips ”

Our Firm has been established extensively with the sole motto to provide the best services within the peripheral of the boundaries of the Law of the Land and to provide Legal guidance according to the need of our clients.

We believe in professionalism and work with the zeal to deliver the best for our clients with the utmost ethics of the profession. The members of the firms are qualified and believe in service to our clients, having extensive and rich legal experience and wide exposure in their respective practise areas.

We believe that the path to success is to be found when our clients receives quality Legal guidance in their matter and receives Justice through the Court of Law to their legal rights. Considering the crucial need of our clients, as a sense of responsibility, we take interest in all dimensional success of the clients concerns.

We are committed a wide range of legal services covering all the requirements of our individual clients and other Organisations/Firms/Corporate in the timely and cost effective manner.

Super Hero’s of our team

Dr Anupam kumar mishra | Advocate & Legal Consultant
Legal Operations Head,
Drop your Suggestion | Complaints : anupamkumarmishra@gmail.com

Anup kumar mishra| Business Consultant and Advisor
Branding , Technology & Marketing, Business Development, Affiliation, Sales & Services
Let’s Connect on Email : anupm@aol.in

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